Spread over 20 hectares, 100 Egg Theme Park (Phuoc Dong, Nha Trang city, Vietnam) is a new and attractive destination with a natural environment and fully serviced. 100 Egg Theme Park is located 8km from Nha Trang city center.

Looking down from above, the "egg forest" is interwoven with lush green grass, banana, papaya and other exotic trees to give an astonishing beautiful scene. Here, guests can enjoy relaxing while soaking in giant egg tubs with a mixed lush green grass and banana tree canvas. Immersing in the swimming pool and waterfall, or relax at the Jacuzzi pool with it's powerful jets will help guests relieve the stress and fatigue of life.

In addition to the Mineral Mud bath services, guests can visit our Adventure Zone, Vietnamese Zodiac Hill, Peaceful Penjing, Vietnam Traditional Houses, Highland Culture House and much more. Enjoy culinary at our restaurants and outlets. Group activities in our Teambuilding area - dedicated to organizing team games and activities to build team spirit.

100 Egg Theme Park is a unique synthesis zone for you to just relax while exploring the colourful ethnic culture.

With eggs of different sizes and colours, the eggs are everywhere, you can even sleep in one of our very unique egg rooms!

Champa Town was built with Cham architectures sculpted to represent the life of the Cham people.
The green bamboo bending canal, grazing buffalo will give visitors an ancient village with sharp roofs quaint village where to organize the event, the nationalist program, cultural roots.
You will not need to go far, but can enjoy the feeling of freedom amidst clear mineral by nature with waterfalls and majestic mountains. Lak-Kon-Ku Village and Dam San Festival Palace has an unique architecture design used to venue bonfire events and cultural festivals.

Besides Mud Kingdom, Egg Café Restaurant is designed as a unique model with an egg romantic atmosphere and quiet, you can enjoy European cu
isine, Italian cuisine and dishes coffee drinks made from eggs - a signature of 100 Egg Theme Park.

Moreover, guests have found it impossible to forget about the food village. Located under a casuarina trees shade all year round filled with sun rays through foliage inserts create a peaceful, soothing ecological lakeside poetic. Guests can comfortably enjoy the delicious barbecue or typical cuisine of three regions with relatives and family. On occasions, it often takes place programs of traditional music and dance, magic, fire dancing, the hilarious game show is sure to bring visitors the unforgettable impression.

In addition, the restaurant system belonging to 100 Egg Theme Park organizes buffet, gala dinner, weddings, parties, birthdays and much more. With the ability to serve 400-500 guests, Au Lac offers a delicious meal and dedicated service, attentive, professional staff will bring satisfaction to you.

Khu Du Lịch Trăm Trứng
Ms. Nguyễn Thu Hằng - Marketing Executive
Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Hoạt - Director of Sales
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